My first time building an app was in 2019. I didn’t get very far, but it was fun building as much as I could before I simply needed to shelve it for later. I was building it using SwiftUI and I had only completed a single programming class (intro to Java). So, it’s not like I was expecting to actually get very far into completing the app.

The idea of the app was to simply be a better version of its’ competitors, specifically including support for Siri Shortcuts, Apple Watch complications, and a clean UI. It seemed like all of the medication tracking apps on the App Store didn’t have what I really needed. There’s a food tracking app, FoodNoms, and I wanted it to have a very similar Apple-like design.

Early version of Meddie Later version of Meddie

I quickly ran into many issues. A major one being the lack of documentation. Another one being my lack of experience. I was only going off of tutorials, and if I couldn’t find a tutorial for what I wanted, I’d do a workaround to get what I wanted. I wasn’t making what I had in mind. It’s like wanting to make a chocolate cake, but only having strawberry-flavored ingredients. You can try figuring something out, or you can wait until you have more appropriate ingredients.

In my case, I can wait until I have better experience. I’ll work on easier apps now (like a dog clicker app for my Apple Watch) and then come back to it eventually. I don’t need to rush into it. I also somehow lost the code for the app, so all I have are the screenshots above. And the icons my brother and I had made for it.

App icon Another app icon More lifelike pill bottle icon App icon but happy